The Buzz in the Neighborhood

My family has lived all over the country. At networking events, I call myself a Washing-Flori-Virgi-Texi-Cali-Zonian. And we have people that we love everywhere. With social media, I even know what’s going on in most of their lives.

But I have never loved a neighborhood as much as I love this one in Phoenix. We get together on holidays and block parties in our next door neighbor’s driveway.

Last night we had a firepit, two space heaters, a fog machine, a lighting and speaker system, and a fantastic music mix as the backdrop for trick-or-treating.

But it was the group of people who gathered that made it so great. We genuinely love living near each other and sharing our lives. And these holidays make that easy to do. There was so much laughter, photo taking, and interaction with the trick-or-treaters.

I think people know our neighborhood is special, because I’m convinced that families bus in their trick-or-treaters.

But we aren’t the only game on the block. Just around the corner was a home with a bouncy house, cornhole game, and free hotdogs! People here are giving, kind, friendly, and happy.

Negativity may make the news, but it shouldn’t be a part of the lives we choose to build. We can all say we’re too busy. But I refuse to be too busy to miss the joy of living in this community. So if you haven’t done it–meet your neighbors. Put together a block party and grill some hot dogs. After all there are still two months to plan your neighborhood New Year’s Eve party.

Oh, and check out the cute Buzz. Yes–that’s my grandbaby Christopher. He enjoyed trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, too!