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"Let's talk about how you can secure your legacy with wills or trusts, or schedule a free review of your existing wills or trusts"

There are many lurking dangers in estate planning that I will help you navigate.  The process is easy.

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If you are not quite ready to move forward with your will or trust package, then within 5 days, I’ll send you an email highlighting the key points and issues we discussed.  (You don’t even have to take your own notes.)

What You'll Receive

  • A facts summary of what we discussed

  • A copy of the legal issues that we discussed

  • My proposal for what I would offer as a legal solution

AND–if you are open to including your Financial Planner in the consultation, let me know. I am happy to form a winning team to structure your estate plan in a way that maximizes your savings strategies.  This is particularly helpful if you are planning to create a Trust.

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