“Real” Estate Planning with Karl Weiss of Fairway Mortgage

In March 2024, Karl Weiss invited me to appear on his Weiss Wealth & Wisdom podcast.   Karl is a mortgage broker with Fairway, a very reputable mortgage lender.  He was a very engaging host with insightful questions.

We discussed a broad variety of topics in estate planning.

Segment 1 – WILLS   https://youtu.be/61J3nphQsE4

Segment 2 – Wills Deep Dive   https://youtu.be/ifv-PUt8KNw

Segment 3 – Trusts Deep Dive   https://youtu.be/VNW_cL9pof0

Segment 4 – Trust participants Grantor, Trustor, trustee, beneficiary  https://youtu.be/loJeS-v2Hds

Segment 5 – Beneficiary Deeds  https://youtu.be/yh0tAeedp3o

Segment 6 – Taxes and step up of basis  https://youtu.be/4KdD-0biWVw

Segment 7 –  Incapacity Planning   https://youtu.be/wy9p6ogeVjQ