"What's your SPF level?" (S-State Protection Formula)

A core value of Lifeguarding Legacies is transparency.  Our legacy packages follow a very clear fixed-pricing model based primarily on the complexity of your family situation.  Think of it as your “S-State Protection Formula.”  Just as the level of SPF in sunscreen blocks harmful rays of the sun, the wills and revocable living trust formulas are designed with the right amount of legal protection.  Hover over the SPF level tubes below for more information.  All appointments, follow-ups, notary fees, hardcopies, and online portal access are included in your package.  There is an additional fee added for mileage at 62.5 cents per mile (calculated using Google Maps), but there is no charge for travel time.  Clients can opt to use Zoom instead of live meetings and avoid the mileage charge for the initial appointment.  The Client Agreement includes all other terms.

Have an old Will or Trust?

Do you already have a will or trust, but think it is time to make changes?  We offer document reviews to examine existing estate plans.  We will consider amending an existing Arizona attorney-prepared will or trust if it is reasonable.  Many wills and trusts require full restatements, which are essentially new documents.

There is a $250 fee to review an existing will or trust that will be applied to the cost of your package if the will or trust is amended or restated.

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