"What are your Fees?"

A core value of Lifeguarding Legacies is transparency.  Our legacy packages follow a very clear fixed-pricing model based on the complexity of your family situation and the nature of the matter.  

If you compare attorney fees for similar services, these are at the “middle of the pack.”

There are a few financial reasons why, in the long run, this may be your most affordable option.

  1.  Plans are written to last for the foreseeable future.  We try to predict anything that “could” go wrong and provide layers of “what ifs.”  These strategies may keep you from having to update your plans.
  2. Trusts are not “cookie cutter.”  You are given several opportunities to customize provisions at no extra cost so that your Trust is truly unique to your family, your values, and your goals.
  3. Wills include asset planning advice to avoid probate (a significant savings for your family) and Trust plans include interactive assistance with funding for 90 days after your documents are signed.
  4. Amendments made to your plan do not require any subscription payment.  When you need a change, there is a one-hour minimum fee, and it is rare that changes take more than one hour.
The Client Agreement includes all other terms.

Pricing Chart