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Why wealth-building on a legal website?

Sharing what I learn with clients extends beyond a legal education

Ready for the elevator spiel?  As an estate planning attorney, I use wills and trusts to help my clients lifeguard what they’ve worked their whole lives to achieve–so that it can be passed flawlessly to those they love and the causes they care about.  

My clients are all over the spectrum.  From the 18-year old high school graduate to the 97-year old retired veteran, clients have different estate needs.  I meet my clients where they are for estate planning.

But if I stop there, I miss the boat.

My clients need more.  They need connections to other businesses, professionals, home services, and more.  I love to refer when I find a need.

I have the luxury of not charging by the hour and not being too busy for conversation.

One recurring theme that comes up with clients when we talk about legacy is the nature of their investments.  Most of them already have a wonderful financial advisor who serves as the captain for a majority of their investments (and often insurance, too).  Yet most advisors agree that diversification is the key, and wise investing casts a wider net.  So sometimes I’ll get clients thinking outside the seas of the stock market.

Like my clients, I have a financial advisor who I admire (and who does a great job for me).  But I still keep some funds aside to invest off wall street.  And when the opportunities arise, I love chatting with clients about this exciting new world that was kept out of my sight for most of my adult life.

I also love tech.  So when I learn of a new tip or trick that in the business or money world, I confess that I geek out a little.

And let’s face it.  Legacy planning is more fun when there is more to play with.  You can dream bigger.  Reach further.  Serve future generations with more opportunities or make a bigger difference through charity bequests.


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