Keap (by Infusionsoft)

Heidi's CRM for Automating Business Processes

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Automate Your Business with Keap

Make your WORK do the work FOR you

Running a solo law practice requires organization and planning.  As an extrovert, I confess that I struggle with follow-through from conversations.

But this weakness is improving every day thanks to my new CRM system.

The first time I used a CRM system, I was working part-time for GE and they used SalesForce.  It was massive.  It was difficult.  And I’m told that Infusionsoft at the time was even worse–and too expensive for most companies.  People called it Confusionsoft.  But Infusionsoft has redesigned and rebranded a more efficient product called Keap.

Keap simplifies my work life by allowing me to easily see where I am on all the daily tasks in my business.  It has a nice, clean dashboard and easy menus.

Keap helps me control my calendar, manage communications, and see what steps are next in the process for my clients.  And I’m learning to create automated processes that will save me hundreds of hours in the months and years ahead.

When I started telling business people in networking what I was paying for this wonderful tech, they wanted to know more.  So I approached Keap about doing a bit of affiliate marketing (since I was already doing it).


Import contacts, create tags, and store every conversation and business record in one place.  Create contact lists for tailored broadcasts or campaigns.


Allow clients and referral partners to book time on your calendar with different appointment types.

Manage Tasks

Keep a convenient, easy task list on your dashboard.  Tag clients or associates in tasks.  And set up automations that allow certain client actions to prompt new tasks.

Email Broadcasts

Easily send targeted emails to clients or certain types of business people from your tagged contacts.

Invoicing and Billing

Easily create invoices, accept electronic payments, and track revenue.


Create pipelines for clients, networking, and referral partner processes.  As the client moves to different stages in the pipeline, they can receive automated emails or appointment invites.  And see where you've left money on the table.


Build campaigns to move clients along in the customer process, to invite reviews, to stay top of mind with referral partners, and more.  If there's a process in your business, you can likely automate it.


Track email engagement, campaign progress, and more.