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Meet Heidi Thompson -
Shout Out Arizona Article

In this fun article, Heidi was asked to answer several “getting to know you” questions.  Enjoy this lighthearted read here – https://shoutoutarizona.com/meet-heidi-thompson-the-legacy-lifeguard-estate-planning-attorney/

Later, Heidi was again interviewed–this time more about estate planning content.   http://voyagephoenix.com/interview/meet-heidi-thompson-edm-jd-owner-attorney-law/ 

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"Leading Attorneys Share Thoughts On Misrepresentations In The Media"

Look who’s in the press?  Heidi was quoted in a national article looking at attorneys in the media. https://lifeguardinglegacies.com/leading-attorneys-share-thoughts-on-misrepresentations-in-the-media/

"Five Big Mistakes in Estate Planning"

Want a cheat sheet to avoid some BIG mistakes?

Click here for more info.