Hope is Not a Strategy

“Hope is Not a Strategy. Action is.” This quote is a central theme shared by my friend, Chris Kempster, Managing Partner of Asset Protection Concepts.

He’s right. In the world of wills and trusts there are high profile examples like Aretha Franklin and Prince who passed away without a will or trust. And the celebrities are not alone: about half of all Americans don’t have even a simple will (and for those who do, many more are not current). Failing to plan leaves family members waiting and hoping that the courts get it right, which leads to fighting during a time that should be marked by togetherness.

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Ask someone who has recently updated their estate plan how they feel about it. Universally, you will hear themes of, “I have so much peace knowing it is
done.” It took action.

What action are you putting off right now that you are hoping will go right or go away? If an estate plan is on the list, let’s take action.

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