Meet Heidi J. Thompson, Ed.M., JD

"I love that word. TRUST. It is the cornerstone of my business and captures my core values."

I was pretty new to this grandparenting gig when I started my solo law firm, Lifeguarding Legacies, PLLC.  The importance of leaving a legacy for my grandson and granddaughter still thrills me and weighs on me. I am fortunate that both live nearby and I look forward to our almost daily visits. As a former educator, I find great joy when my grandbabies learn anything new in our playtime together. It is an investment of time that yields immeasurable treasure. I would guard this treasure with everything I have.

I possess the legal knowledge to ensure that my own children and grandchildren receive the housing, education, maintenance, and support they need throughout their lifetimes, while encouraging them to continue to embrace lifestyles that align with both faith and reason.

Heidi J. Thompson headshot - estate planning attorney

It is this “grandparenting view of the world” that informs my legal practice.  The focus of this practice is on securing all that my clients have worked to achieve and ensuring that my clients’ values live on to future generations.

Not only a counselor-at-law, I am also a counselor at heart. And nothing quite breaks my heart like family strife. Through the years, I have had many opportunities to assist families in mending broken and strained relationships. I can equip my clients with tools that offer the hope of restoring family unity. We have heard the stories of how families became contentious and greedy in the wake of a family member’s passing. We have also heard the stories of the spoiled trust kids that blew their fortunes in a lifestyle that very few grandparents would endorse. My aim is to teach families how to communicate their intentions and values now and to capture these in an estate plan that protects not just the funds, but the true nature of the legacy you wish your family to carry on.

I am a member of both the Florida and Arizona Bar and an active member of WealthCounsel, which ensures that I am kept up to date with the latest developments in estate law and that I provide the most professional and comprehensive resources in the business. If you have a financial advisor you respect, I would gladly welcome your advisor to join us in estate planning. Sometimes the best solutions are reached in a team environment.

I expect that most clients who work with me will eventually opt for the creation of a legal trust, whether it be simple or more complex. I love that word. TRUST. It is the cornerstone of my business and captures my core values:

  • Time Honoring
  • Relational Counseling
  • Unity Seeking
  • Servant Leading
  • Transparent Dealing

I strive to be TRUST-worthy in all I do. I look forward to serving you, and helping you Lifeguard your Legacy.

My Core Values

On the Lighter Side: Fun Facts

Just because I’m a grandparent doesn’t mean I feel old.  I want to know what it means to LIVE and not just be alive (quote from a MercyMe Song “Say I Won’t”).

So here are a bunch of random fun facts:

  • Ridden about 90% of the coasters in the U.S. and have been to Disney parks over 100 times (mostly when we lived in Orlando…).
  • Lived in Washington, Florida, Virginia, Texas, California, and Arizona, but am not an Army brat.
  • Visited about half the US states (mostly outer rim states and Hawaii), France, Monaco, Italy, England, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Can’t even begin to pick a favorite.
  • When I served as a “momager” for my son’s performing career, I became an actress.  I’ve been an extra in many tv shows and a few films, and was featured in a few music videos and one tv series.  Some of the titles would definitely surprise you.
  • Force myself to read business books, but enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, the supernatural, and British/Scottish historical romance.
  • Love the beach and absolutely detest snow, but each year can’t wait to decorate for Christmas.
  • Minored in piano performance in college and played keys and sang on church praise bands for about 15 years.
  • Went skydiving for my most recent bucket-list challenge with my friend Anne.  (See the video at the right.)

And some fun FAMILY facts

  • Married since 1992 to Eric Thompson, but have known him since I was 11.
  • My grown kids are in their mid-twenties now.  My daughter is married and my son is single.
  • My grandbabies are 4 and 5 now.
  • Enjoy singing karaoke with my daughter and son.  (See video at left where we begged Chick-Fil-A to serve Chicken Mini’s all day instead of just at breakfast.)
  • Relished parenting teens, having been a high school counselor for many years.
  • Was a (hopefully not dreadful) dance mom–my son is a professional dancer.  He is back on Princess Cruises dancing on the seas.