GPS Saved My Marriage

I’ll confess right now: I am one of the lucky ones. Next month my husband and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage and I still feel like celebrating. We had a beautiful morning wedding on March 21, 1992. In the evening, we started our 3-hour drive to Seattle where we would spend one night then catch the early morning ferry to honeymoon in Victoria, British Columbia. Seattle, with all its one-way streets and confusing signs, had us running in circles for over two hours. And just like the stereotype, my husband simply refused to ask for directions. I was tired, cranky, and temporarily questioning my life choices.

I think we learned to avoid road trips in those early years. It just wasn’t worth the headache.
Our first Garmin GPS navigation system was a game-changer. It kept me from begging (or nagging) my husband to stop for help on our adventures. Knowing our destination and letting a machine give us the play-by-play reduced my nagging to the more urgent sudden stops and following too closely. And now with phone apps like Waze, we can even get around traffic and other road obstacles. Yes, GPS may have saved our marriage.

Knowing your destination is important, but we also need a plan to get there. I wonder if people don’t feel the same about estate planning. They have a general idea of how they want things to go, but figure since they haven’t worked out the details, they can’t start the trip. Instead, let me serve as your GPS, your Guide for Process Solutions. If you come in for a free consultation, I will ask you the questions that will direct each decision as we navigate the legal planning process together. You will be amazed at how creative the process really is and how good it feels to check this daunting task off the list. It’s like that feeling when you arrive at the beach on the perfect day after months of planning the getaway trip. Except, you won’t be sunburned afterward.