Heidi's Favorites: Where She Does Business

"There are a few companies she loves so much she actually markets for them..."

In addition to teaching clients about wills and trusts, Heidi loves to introduce clients to her local Phoenix network of professionals–and introduce professionals to each other.
But there are a few companies that Heidi loves so much she actually markets for them:  
  • Integrated Wealth Systems,
  • iFlip, and
  • Keap.  
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Integrated Wealth Systems

"Make Money, Invest Money, and Keep Money--with a Team."

Lifeguarding Your Legacy with wills and trusts is Heidi’s business.  But what if you could grow and expand that legacy?
Heidi is an active member of Loral Langemeier’s Big Table, where she has access to some of the country’s top minds in business, financial empowerment, and investing.
 Learn more about upcoming events and products here.
And if you have your own business, you can perfect your pitch as you sell in her monthly Virtual Marketplace events.  Email Heidi at info@lifeguardinglegacies.com for a code to attend this event for FREE.


"Take your Play money to iFlip"

One of the very active Big Table members is Randy Tate with iFlip investing.  IFlip allows you to take any self-managed investment and let Artificial Intelligence know when to buy low and sell high. 

Watch a short animated commercial.

IFlip is a great option for real estate investors to do something with the money in between fix and flips.

Heidi would never suggest taking retirement money out of funds being managed by your financial advisor.  Financial advisors are still your quarterback for planning, but talk to your advisor about keeping a bit of money for your own investments.  IFlip has been INCREDIBLE in 2020.

What to learn more?

Visit the iFlip website.

Need even more info?  Email Heidi at info@lifeguardinglegacies.com.



"Every business needs a good CRM, this is the best..."

As a business owner, Heidi tried three different CRM systems before she found the deal of the century on Keap.  Keap is the rebranding of Infusionsoft.  And it needed rebranding.

Infusionsoft has often been titled “confusionsoft” because while powerful, it was too complex for most users.

The new product, Keap, is user-friendly and most of the features can be used in just minutes of training.  Yet, the power is still there to move into more advanced automations as you grow with the program.

Keap stores all your contacts, calendar, tasks, pipelines, invoices, and payments.

When you select a contact, you can see everything about them–every email–every appointment–every task–every note.  You won’t forget to follow up with your leads and clients.

Easily tag and make lists to send targeted emails to different contacts.  Found a great article for realtors?  Send it just to realtors.  Or to anyone in real estate.

Learn more and view DEMO.

Ready to check it out?  Use this link for the VERY BEST offer available to sign up.

Need even more info?  Email Heidi at info@lifeguardinglegacies.com.