Elementor #822

Living in Fear

man hiding below countertop in fear

Most of our emotions are held in the mid-brain.  But fear holds its fortress in our more primitive brain stem.  When fear takes over, our other emotions and thoughts are shut down.  

So is the ability to hear.  

When we live in fear, we stop listening to the voices that reassure us that we will be okay.

 This explains a lot in 2020.


Between news and social media, we consume that fear in big heaping helpings, like your favorite uncle’s Thanksgiving plate.

Based upon Google search data, the top 10 most “looked up”
fears are:

1.      Flying

2.      Public Speaking

3.      Heights

4.      The Dark

5.      Intimacy

6.      Death

7.      Failure

8.      Rejection

9.      Spiders

10.  Commitment


I think we could all agree that this list is outdated and the fear of getting sick with COVID-19 is high on the list.


In my world of wills and trusts, I see a lot of fear.  People avoid even thinking about their fear of dying, fear of aging, or fear of their kids being without them.  They mark subjects like death and dying as taboo.  This fear leads to procrastination, leaving many families without the security that could alleviate some of those fears.


If you Google, “What is the opposite of fear?”  You’ll get a long list of nouns.  Among the list are the 3 C’s:  courage, confidence, and calm.


In just reading the list of the 3 C’s, can you feel your anxiety drop?  That is my goal with my
clients:  to replace their fears with courage, confidence, and calm.


COURAGE:  As a former counselor, I help people find the courage to face their fear of death and incapacity, planning for the worst-case scenarios in a lighthearted and far
less-threatening way.


CONFIDENCE:  As a longtime educator, I help people find the confidence to make important choices that include assigning a guardian for children and pets, giving legal voices decisions, and avoid future legal and family conflicts.


CALM:  As the Legacy Lifeguard, I help people sleep better at night knowing that they have taken the steps to protect their families from the very worst so that they can enjoy the very


When your will or trust is done and sitting on the shelf, you can face 2020 and whatever lies beyond.  Arm yourself with the 3 C’s by checking this off your list now.  Then enjoy your Thanksgiving meal this year with peace of mind and a grateful heart. 

And now that you can hear me, please pass the pumpkin pie.