COVID-19 & Your Estate Plan

COVID-19. It’s changed all of our lives. Definitely for a time but maybe forever.
We’re spending more time with family.
Our pets are wagging their tales or purring with the extra attention.
Neighbors are outside walking in the sunshine–making my neighborhood come alive like never before.
We’re living on social media to share laughter and tears.
We’re becoming inspired to create, somewhat out of boredom.
And we’re seeing the best (mostly) of human kindness.

For many, this time has created either the uncertainty in the future that has prompted the need to create an estate plan. For others, the downtime at home to check items off to do lists has pushed folks to finally get the estate plan done. My office is busier than normal, but still has time for you and your family and friends. And I’m still turning around documents within a few days.

Here at Lifeguarding Legacies, I’ve made a few changes, too. Some that might be forever.
1. All Strategy and Intake Sessions are now on Zoom. No. It’s not the same as meeting face to face, but it’s working…and we’re still having engaging conversations and solving problems together. This will be a client option going forward. Many busy professionals seem to actually prefer it.
2. All document review sessions are also now on Zoom. This will be the new normal. It is much more helpful and efficient to change documents with the client watching the change happen than to print documents, show up to meet, redline, go back to the computer, then send pages back and forth. This is my silver lining learning.
3. Unfortunately, we can’t sign documents on Zoom. We still need the client, a notary (me), and two witnesses. The client invites their own witnesses to their home (or patio). Witnesses must not be listed in any significant way in your documents, must be over 18, and must have legal ID (like a driver’s license).
4. New safety protocols have been put in place for document signings. We all handwash or sanitize at the beginning. I Clorox wipe each pen (which people use throughout the signing and take with them.) I Clorox wipe driver’s licenses when I take them and again when I give them back. (Hey–it’s an extra service. When was the last time you washed that thing?) And we all handwash or sanitize at the end to get any germs off that might have passed on the documents. Oh…and I generally wear a mask.

So we’re doing our part to protect our clients and their friends while still providing this very essential legal service.