GPS Saved My Marriage

I’ll confess right now: I am one of the lucky ones. Next month my husband and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage and I still feel like celebrating. We had a beautiful morning wedding on March 21, 1992. In the evening, we started our 3-hour drive to Seattle where we would spend one night …

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Hope is Not a Strategy

“Hope is Not a Strategy. Action is.” This quote is a central theme shared by my friend, Chris Kempster, Managing Partner of Asset Protection Concepts. He’s right. In the world of wills and trusts there are high profile examples like Aretha Franklin and Prince who passed away without a will or trust. And the celebrities …

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New Year’s Resolutions

Today, I post my first VLOG. I expect there will be many more ahead. Today I explore my thoughts about New Year’s Resolutions along with making some commitments for 2019.

Let’s Talk Turkey

I saw the below meme this week on Facebook. It made me chuckle. Awkward Thanksgiving conversations are almost a tv cliché. Someone brings up politics or religion in a way that invokes the silent treatment or a full-on verbal battle. Another topic that is often avoided is estate planning. Over half of American families do …

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