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Does your legacy have a lifeguard?

Imagine if you had a personal lifeguard always watching over,
and protecting, you and your family as you dive deeper in life?

Without a custom estate plan and lifeguard to protect your legacy, you run the risk of drowning in the complications of what can happen if you swim the legal waters without a buddy. Lifeguarding Legacies is an easy and affordable concierge service for wills, trusts, probate and estate planning. Our complete solution to lifeguard your legacy, avoid family conflicts, and minimize stress will help you stay afloat and navigate the waters of your life and the legacy you pass on to the future generations of your family.

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“Exceptional Experience and Results. Heidi is everything you could want in estate planning…”

Tammy N.

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“Wonderful, friendly and very knowledgeable service. Thank you Heidi for all of your support, guidance, answering questions and helping with suggestions when I didn’t know where to start…”

Lisa C.

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“Understanding what is involved in my situation.”

Sarah E. H.

“We looked at all of the online options for Will/Trust but they were still missing that personal touch for answering questions etc. Heidi walked us right through everything and gave us some insights that we would have never thought about. We feel much better knowing that things are set for our family.”

Chris W.

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“Heidi was respectful, responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I will recommend her again!”

Sara M. F.


“Heidi is the best! She explained many legal terms, brought items to our attention she could also assist us with that we were not aware and worked with our schedule. Absolutely loved working with her!…”

Brenda L.

“Heidi recently helped me to revise my will and trust, something I had been wanting to do for many years. I put it off because I thought it would be difficult to decide, but Heidi asked excellent questions and made great suggestions which made the process easy and enjoyable…”

Beth K.

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“I can’t thank her enough for her expertise and knowledge, professionalism, patience, attention to detail and most of all guiding me through this process…”

Tammy N.

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The 4 Estate Planning Dangers of the Deep

Be careful of what lurks beneath. On the surface it may seem safe, but unforeseen dangers can rise up from the depths without warning.

While we sure hope that you never have to encounter any of the dangers of the deep that we mention below, we can assure you that they do exist, and they do happen more often than not, when not prepared. Be it circling sharks, battling eels, jolting jellyfish, or ruthless rays, they all have the potential to surface and add cost, time, frustration, and stress to what could be a smooth process with the right lifeguard.
Rays of Probate - estate planning attorney

Avoid the Ruthless Rays of Probate Court

Do you think that a Will is enough? The ruthless rays of probate don't. Find out why.

Circling sharks - estate planning attorney

There are Circling Sharks Waiting to Feast

Stay at the top of the food chain--keeping creditors, divorce, and lawsuits from gnawing away at your legacy.

Battling eels - estate planning attorney

Battling Eels and the Unexpected Shock

Don't allow yourself be shocked if family conflicts arise and float up out of nowhere.

Jolting Jellyfish - estate planning attorney

The Jolting Jellyfish of Incapacity

Take some of the sting out of someone else having to make a decision on your behalf.

Still Have Estate Planning Questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in estate planning.

Who needs an estate plan?

Learn more in this video

What could go wrong without one?

No one knows for sure what lies beneath the depths when in uncharted waters. What we do know, however, that the Ruthless Rays, Circling Sharks, Battling Eels, and Jolting Jellyfish mentioned all above live in these waters.  For our 5 big mistakes in estate planning.

Should I create one myself?

Building that lifeboat yourself may sound like a good idea, but nothing beats the precision and quality of a true craftsman creating a legal vessel to carry your legacy.  Questions?  Schedule a 15-minute Q&A phone call.

Is my current plan good enough?

Do you have a boat that floats? Let us walk you through our professional estate plan checklist designed to take it to the next level and cut through those big waves of uncertainty and ambiguity.

What does a will do?

Learn more in this video

What does a Trust do?

Learn more in this video

What else is included in a comprehensive estate plan?

Learn more in this video

What does an estate plan cost?

Check out our pricing page to find the right "S-State Protection Formula" for you.

Not sure whether you need a will or a trust?

Take our Quick Quiz.

The Estate Planning Process is Super Easy

We hold your hand through each step of your estate planning journey.

Free 90-minute strategy session.

We walk you through every important question so we can recommend the best possible estate plan. Who do you love? What causes do you care about? Who can take care of important roles in your future? You will receive a strategy summary by email within five days.

Client Agreement

When you are ready to move forward with your estate plan, you will sign an agreement for legal services and make a payment for the first half of those services. If we didn't complete a full intake in your strategy session, we schedule one here.

Drafting of Estate Plan Documents

The drafting phase usually takes between two and three weeks. There may also be additional phone calls, emails, or meetings for follow-up details and questions. In a hurry? We can often complete drafting in a week.

Client Review of Estate Plan Documents

We conduct a Zoom online document review of all the important parts of your documents together. Documents are also added to a secure client portal for your review.

Signing and Execution of Estate Plan Documents
We provide the notary services to execute your documents in an easy to understand, organized system at the signing appointment. You provide the 2 witnesses (over 18, valid ID, not listed in your documents) and pick the location. Final payment is due at this appointment.
Funding and Follow-up on Your Estate Plan
If you choose a trust, we will help you walk through every step of the funding process and even offer a free family meeting to unveil the expectations and provisions of your trust with your family members.

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